Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Journey to Kerry Airport in Eire

Well to my delight I am able to come online as Technology has arrived to Kenmare. My Gran has a Wi Fi dongle and its working fine.So im sitting in her house looking at the Kerry mountains and grey sky with my laptop on my Lap with the background noise of a Irish News reader on the radio.
So now let me tell you the rather shocking, but now funny story of my journey, from the Isle of Sheppy where I live to Kenmare in Eire.
I left with a hug from my husband on the 11am Train to St Pancras station in London.
This was a route im used to taking.
Then I had to go on the under ground to Liverpool Street Station which for a change was easy and not busy with people scurry about like Ant's so this journey was looking good.
But in the back of my mind something was going to go wrong as it always does when I travel alone .
I then hop on a train to Stansted Airport and arrive about 2pm,and  find my way through the customs with ease then into the  lounge area with all the shops and restaurants .
Well I look up and check  for my flight and it seems to be delayed so im a bit annoyed but hope it is not for long. So I sit down and wait,but in the back of my mind im worried.
Well after a while my flight gate finally shows as open, so off I go.The flight is only about 30mins late so not so bad.
So I stand in the Cue and it starts to move forward , im not a good flier so I take my tablet for motion sickness.
I notice there are some very annoyed people up front and wonder why,  I soon find out.
They are asking everyone to put there bag in the measuring frame to make sure it complies to there rules. If the bag does not fit you will have to pay £50 fee to bring it on board .
Well my turn came and I said "it will fit but the wheels are giving me a bit of difficulty and its a hard case suitcase so not a good idea to force it " The steward insisted  I push it in .I said  "it will get stuck" but he kept on insisting.
Well im sure you can guess what happened next .I could not get my bag out and I was very embarrassed. He tried to help me with very little effort and the cue was going down and I was getting left behind.Pushing, pulling,and  shoving but not joy I wanted to hide I was now panicking and sweating.
My Laptop was in my bag and there was no way of getting it out what was I to do .
Then a nice Lady helped me grab the frame and turned it on its side and she kicked and kicked my bag and it with great force it flew out !
What a relief for me phew! Now they wanted me to pay £50 fee but I was having none of it I made a big loud scene on the telephone to my husband, how I have never been treated like this in my life by any Airline and would not be travelling with Ryan Air ever again.
I got my card out to pay and the Steward said "just go" dont and let me through without having to pay . So that made me much happier,but what a horrid situation to have to endure because your bag might be a few cm's over the size regulations. Well im safe and sound and relaxed at my grans house and that is all that matters and my hard case saved my laptop from getting dmaged by the hard kicks lol.
But let this be warning to you dont use a hard case suitcase as they get stuck, and watch out for Ryan Air and there very strict rules lol . Right im off to have lunch with my Gran x

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