Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Stained Glass Pyramid Art

 Hi everyone I made this for myself as I was sick of making Christmas items.
Its my birthday next week so I felt I needed to make something for me for a change.
I love iridescent glass and the ripple glass so I gathered together all my iridescent pebbles and glass and treated myself to this.

One side is blues and Greens and the opposite side's are pinks and reds.

I found making this very healing and it relaxes me to look at it.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Nancie's Cats in Stained Glass.

Well Finally I have finished the stained Glass picture of Nancie's cats.
This is my biggest piece to date 15" x 10"
Im really please how this has turned out. It was a challenge for me as it was the first time I had made someones pets from a photograph . The hardest part where the eye's as the pieces where so tiny, about 1cm in size .
To make the pupils I used some nail polish and painted them on, I was told this trick by another stained glass artist . 
I hope you like my stained Glass cats and will follow my blog to see more of my Art and how it progresses.

Name's of Cats from Left to right
 Savannah, Bucky, Little One, 
and  Sire Jack.