Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Stained glass collaboration with Drommelund.

Well I have  made 2 stained Glass pieces for a collaboration with  DrommeLund  a wonderful Artist / Crafter.

She asked me to make a few stained Glass shapes, so she may use them in some of her pieces. So of course I said yes.


Dark tower with sunset.
 I made stained glass blood red sun.she then completed piece  with purple copper wire Tree adorned with ruby czech glass beads  in tear drop shape The base towers are made of a slice of pine wood.
Very striking remind me of Transylvania. 

Cloudy Day Sun catcher. I made the stained Glass cloud .This  sun catcher has a silver plated copper wire tree which is adorned with swarovski crystals iProvence lavender.With pine surrounding  the outside.I found this one very relaxing and pure!

Here is little Biography about the Lady behind Drommelund

My  name is Eirini Konstantopoulou.

 I moved from Greece to Denmark to be with my husband. 

I started making wire trees a bit more than 10 years ago, mostly for something to make my mind relax and wonder.. 
When I moved to Denmark, I decided to make it my profession. 

When I started doing my hobby as a full time job.
 I knew that this is exactly what I want to do.
I get inspired mostly by nature, the change of the seasons as well as fantasy and myth.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wooden Decoupaged Bunting

Well I have decided to make some wooden Decoupaged Bunting .
Seeing as it is the Jubilee soon and the Olympics and summer football season.So this was a good excuse to make some. They come in one meter long length's Which have  5 flags on each meter and each flag are  decoupaged both sides.
I have  already sold 2 meters of Bunting  to a friend who is having a Bunting themed Wedding .

I will  be making Xmas Christmas Bunting in the next few month's with lots of lovely charms hanging between and ribbons,so keep your eye's on my Blog and ETSY SHOP and Facebook Page

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Well Im a Proud Bunny today I have done a collaboration and made some Sugar skulls for Retrodec. The owner of this fabulous online shop Little Dot  has written a Biography  on me and a interview Please check this out at  http://www.retrodec.com/product/skullpendant

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Stained Glass Yellow Submarine Finished!

Finished yellow submarine

Copper foiled ready for soldering.

Cut and ready for copper foiling.

Well I am very pleased with how my new design has turned out . This stained Glass Yellow Submarine from the Beatles Pop Band has turned out to be one of my best sun catcher's to date .It was so much fun working with the wonderful colour's and shapes.The lady in America who asked me to custom make this for her Dad for fathers Day, loves watching its progress and chats to me about how excited she is to see it being made :D
Now this one is finished I have two large stained glass sugar skulls to make. One will be my old skull design for the same lady in America who has also commissioned me to make this Yellow Submarine. The other one will be my new Skull design which will be going into a on line shop for sale called http://www.retrodec.com/  . Retrodec sells lots of vintage Retro bits and bobs for your home the future is vintage! Go take a look you wont be disappointed. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 2 Stained Glass Yellow Submarine sun catcher

Today I have only worked on this stained glass piece for 2 hours im very pleased with it so far.
I have a sore stomach today so I have been taking things slow.It's getting near dinner time so time to stop for today and feed my family .I shall do more tomorrow.
I have a new order a stained Glass mallard Duck to make soon for a lady in Norfolk. I am looking forward to that to!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Stained Glass Yellow submarine sun catcher

Well I am making this stained Glass Yellow Submarine for a American buyer a lovely lady who wants it for a gift for her dad on father's Day.He is a mad Beatles Fan! I love making fun things and I love the challenge of designing something new and different. I will post more photos of my Progress during the week.

Friday, 4 May 2012


Hand Painted Large 12 cm Sugar Skull Wall Decoration with ribbon to hang. I have added plastic Gems and Glitter.Good quality 3mm birch ply .Sealed with 3 layers of varnish.
You can go to my facebook where you can see more of my items from stained Glass and wooden jewellery and decorations.https://www.facebook.com/FaithsBizzarArt

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My time in Ireland

Well im back in Kent had lovely time in Ireland with my Gran .We spent most of the time reading and relaxing and chatting.When the sun came out I would go into her beautiful garden and walk about in the Bluebells  and the tree's .Then sometimes I would do some planting or Weeding for my Grandma as she is finding it difficult these days.I felt good helping her and it made her happy.

Me in my Grandma's Garden.

Bluebells .

Lovely view on one of the few sunny days.

Sunset from her window.

My Grandma's house in Kerry in Eire.

I also spent some of my time painting up my wooden Sugar Skulls Ready to be varnished when I got  back .Glad I brought them with me as its kept me sane on the wet days. 

Kenmare wonderful coloured buildings.