Monday, 25 June 2012

Stained Glass Cockatoos Birds sun catcher

Love these stained glass Cockatoos.
size 6" x 7" available in my 
This is a one off  Unique piece. To be honest it was very fiddly to make.
Copper foiling and cutting the tiny pieces caused my hands to get cramps, as the pieces are so small so I will only be making one this size.
The photo above does not show the true colour's so going to add a photo below of copper foiled piece's before it was soldered & hung up this shows the true colouring .

Photo of copper foiled glass sections before soldering.
Posted this photo so you can see the lilac and orange colours.
The idea for this piece was from another stained glass Crafter
who had made a long row of  birds in different colours.
More your common garden birds.
I liked the idea of making a row of  bright coloured parrots then added the Mohawk's
  then they turned into Punk Cockatoos .

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Stained Glass Dragonfly's

Stained Glass Dragonfly's wing span 6.5" glass body 4.5"long

     Blue and white Dragonfly the wings have tiny streaks of white running through.

Blue and purple dragonfly the body is made of   iridescent pebbles .
The wings have tiny veins of purple and pink running through

Friday, 8 June 2012

Stained Glass Panda Bear

 Well im very happy with my stained Glass Panda Bear .It sold within 5 mins of posting the photo on my FB page FaithsBizzarArt so that was a result. I can make another on request.

After this sold I was then asked if I could make a stained Glass Koala Bear climbing a tree . Of course I said yes.
This has now lead to me offering to make stained Glass portraits of peoples Pets .
I love it when A plan comes together .
Two people want there Cats made in stained Glass at the end of the month.

So I am very busy right now.
 In 2 weeks I have the Art Train Exhibition in Iwade hall in Kent on 23rd of June.
To find out more about this here is the link to the Artists who will be showing  etc. .
Then on the 21st July Im holding a Craft fair in Sheerness at Trinity Hall . For Kent Local Crafter's.FB Link Craft Fair Sheerness
Then sometime in July - August Im going to Display my Stained Glass along with lots of other Art Train Group member's in Herne Bay. 
2 Artist's at a time gets 4 days to display over a long weekend in that 6 week period.
So lots of of work for me to be done as I need to have plenty to sell and display .
So I will be a buzy Bee!