Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Off to Eire for week!

Well just to let you know im of to Co Kerry in Southern Ireland for a week  to visit my Gran .
She has been very ill and in a lot of pain as her spine is slowly crumbling sadly.
So want to go to spend some Quality time with her .
I hate Travelling alone and I dont like flying so not looking forward to that, but it will be worth it.
While im in the Kerry mountains I will read books and paint up some of my wooden sugar skulls . Hopefully weather permitting go for nice walks but at the moment its raining as usual lol.The Bungalow is near lots of lakes and the sea so lots nice scenery to inspire me. 

I didnt think I would be near a computer for a whole week but my cousin tells me my Gran has a dongle. The dongle is very slow so will try pop on and tell you of my adventures .

 It will be nice to have a break from everything as when I get back I have  lots of stained Glass orders to catch up on.

 Bye for now Back on the 2nd May x

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