Thursday, 3 May 2012

My time in Ireland

Well im back in Kent had lovely time in Ireland with my Gran .We spent most of the time reading and relaxing and chatting.When the sun came out I would go into her beautiful garden and walk about in the Bluebells  and the tree's .Then sometimes I would do some planting or Weeding for my Grandma as she is finding it difficult these days.I felt good helping her and it made her happy.

Me in my Grandma's Garden.

Bluebells .

Lovely view on one of the few sunny days.

Sunset from her window.

My Grandma's house in Kerry in Eire.

I also spent some of my time painting up my wooden Sugar Skulls Ready to be varnished when I got  back .Glad I brought them with me as its kept me sane on the wet days. 

Kenmare wonderful coloured buildings.

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