Friday, 31 August 2012

Stained Glass Halloween Pumpkin decoration.

Well here is my Halloween Pumpkin decoration. I can also make this into a Candle tea light holder on request . Reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas film which I love by Tim Burton .

Well As you can see I have had to copy Right my photos now. After last nights fiasco when I found one of my designs and photo's on a web site. The website was using my photo to advertise Christmas stained Glass course's at there studio. 

 I was quiet annoyed and requested they remove the photo, and they where not to use my design or I would be contacting my solicitor. In reply to this, the photo was removed and they where very apologetic, but pointed out to me that the photo was not copy righted, so they thought it would be ok to use it. So here I am now copy righting all my designs. In some ways I took it as a complement in the end as they thought my design was so good they wanted to use a photo of it on there web site lol .

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