Sunday, 1 July 2012

Stained Glass Cat design's and there progress

Hello everyone, well for some reason I am getting inundated with request's for
Stained Glass Cat designs.

So I am going to bring you on a journey of my progress with them over the next few month's.

This stained glass design is for  a Lady in USA .It depicts her Pet Cats outside. I plan on also framing it with random patchwork stained glass frame.The Panel is going to be 15" x 11"  in size.

Name's of Cats from Left to right Savannah, Bucky, Little One, 
and  Sire Jack.

Two of the Cats have died sadly the 2 middle ones.She told me " I love the idea of  pink butterfly above the cat  Savannah he is totally out of the closet gay...lmao....the cat on the right is red British tabby..his name is Sire Jack ". Below is photo of her Four beautiful Cats.

This Design is a sun catcher for a English Lady which depicts her two cats and kitten in the centre.Below are photos of these lovely cats.Oh Henry has the tip of his ear missing.

Cleo on the left and Henry on the Right.

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